Monday Night Bible Study

Join us Monday, 28 February at 7PM in the Parish Hall

This session of the Bi-Weekly Monday Night Bible Study will take of look at the doctrine of Sanctification.

Lutheran theology certainly requires that sanctification be put in proper perspective, at least in regard to justification.

For further study, listen to this episode of Issues Etc. where Rev. Bryan Wolfmueller discusses sanctification and good works.

Furthermore, it is taught on our part that it is necessary to do good works, not that we should trust to merit grace by them, but because it is the will of God. 28] It is only by faith that forgiveness of sins is apprehended, and that, for nothing. 29] And because through faith the Holy Ghost is received, hearts are renewed and endowed with new affections, so as to be able to bring forth good works. 30] For Ambrose says: Faith is the mother of a good will and right doing. 31] For man’s powers without the Holy Ghost are full of ungodly affections, and are too weak to do works which are good in God’s sight. 32] Besides, they are in the power of the devil who impels men to divers sins, 33] to ungodly opinions, to open crimes. This we may see in the philosophers, who, although they endeavored to live an honest life could not succeed, 34] but were defiled with many open crimes. Such is the feebleness of man when he is without faith and without the Holy Ghost, and governs himself only by human strength.

AC XX 27-34